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FEDAI with the active co-operation of member banks, has been organizing orientation workshops on select areas of Foreign Trade and Foreign Exchange Business at various centers for the past 29 years. There has been very good response from our member banks every year. The yearly average participation from our member banks has been between 1200 and 1400 participants.

We wish to inform member banks that in the current 2018 series, we have organized workshops at 11 centers by 11 nominated member banks catering to more than 1200 officials.

Moreover, during the year, FEDAI also organized a few short duration special workshops for our member banks on topics like “Inspection of Foreign Trade and Foreign Exchange Business”, “Export Finance” “Guarantees / Standby L/Cs” and “UCP 600”.

Additionally, FEDAI also organized four workshops (Bank specific) for 1 day each on “Awareness of Foreign Trade and Foreign Exchange Business” for Federal Bank and “SWIFT and Foreign Trade / Exchange Transactions” for Exim Bank. These workshops were attended by 224 participants.

The total number of participants for the year 2018 would be close to 1500.

A meeting of the nominated member banks was held on Thursday, the 15th November 2018 in FEDAI Conference Room to review the current series and to plan the workshops for 2019 Series. The meeting was attended by 58 officials of 43 member Banks.

At this meeting, it was acknowledged that with the whole hearted support from member banks, workshops under 2018 series were conducted successfully and the total number of participants would be around 1500.

Member banks who do not propose to conduct workshops themselves were advised to check FEDAI website and nominate their officers to attend the workshops conducted by nominated banks. 2 Since the participants did not propose any change as regards the structure / format, participation fees and the expenses, it was unanimously decided to continue in year 2019 with the existing structure/format together with participation fees/expenses, as was agreed for the Calendar Year 2018.

It was also decided to promote two day special workshop on focused and specialized areas of Foreign Trade / Exchange Business and one day special workshop (Bank Specific) on Awareness on Foreign Trade / Exchange Business.

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