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The FEDAI Technical Committee and the Managing Committee approved the revised FEDAI Rules - 10th Edition in their meetings held on 29th August 2018 and 03rd October 2018, respectively.

The draft copy of rules was sent to Reserve Bank of India, (i) Foreign Exchange Department (ii) Financial Market Regulation Department and (iii) Department of Banking Regulation, for their comments / feedback.

FEDAI has received RBI‟s concurrence to the proposed revision as detailed below;

1. Consolidated concurrence of the Foreign Exchange Department and Financial Market Regulation Department is received from Assistant Manager, PCD, RBI - Central Office, Mumbai vide eMail dated 22 February 2019.

2. Concurrence of Department of Banking Regulation is received from Manager, DBR, Central Office, Mumbai vide eMail dated 27 February

Subsequently the Managing Committee adopted FEDAI Rules – 10 th Edition in its meeting on 06th March 2019.

The FEDAI Rules – 10th Edition shall come in force w.e.f. 01 April 2019 . Member banks are requested to advise all concerned and ensure implementation of the revised FEDAI Rules.

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Annexure-I FEDAI Rules – 10th Edition

Annexure-II Summery of revision

Circular No.SPL-05.BC/FEDAI Rules/2019 dated 11th March 2019

Annexure - I

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